CABIN WINMORE: The Creative Space Retreats (Midtown Atlanta)

“What a great morning escaping into a creative world to wonder, wander, imagine, write, paint, and engage in creative collaborative conversation. Love being able to interact with this living artifact of a space.” – Creative Retreat Participant (Oct. 16, 2020)

“The gift of escape, inspiration and peaceful comfort. I leave feeling ready to face my life with a clear mind.” (Oct. 16, 2020)

“Cabin Winmore is absolutely unique. Its an ecclectic mix of nostalgic, design, visual inspiration and cultural artifact. Literally thousands of points of potential inspiration. In 3 hours I listened, wrote, sketched, thought, painted, conversed,…my mind was free to wander and wonder. Time well spent.” (Oct. 16, 2020)

“In order to understand others you need to walk in their shoes or take a tour of their mind. Cabin Winmore allows the time and space to do both. You could spend days here and have a different experience each time, leaving you with a sense of meaning and transformation toward eternal possibilities.” (Oct. 16, 2020)

Amy Valdez Barker, Facilitator, Educator, Creative Guide

Amy is intellectually curious, highly adept and sincere in forging collaborative relationships, receptive to and proactive in originating accurate data-driven analysis and novel yet pragmatic solutions. She’s alert, energetic, and hopeful. I worked with her closely for several years and have shared interests and tasks with her for well over 10 years, Amy is the kind of co-worker or partner you look forward to working with because you know she’ll be “all in,’’ she does her homework, Is results oriented, and persistently strives for win/win outcomes.

Neil Alexander, President UM Publishing

Amy has years of global leadership experience, and her expertise will make her an asset to any organization. She also welcomes colleagues to explore their own ideas, as well as contribute to the decision making processes.

Dr. Dana Lyles, Dir. Multiethnic Ministries Unit

Amy excels at administrative leadership. She is culturally sensitive and able to work with large diverse international groups. Amy would make a great addition for any organization that is working for people in creating a more just society.

– Mike Slaughter, Founder and Chief Strategist Passionate Churches, LLC

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