The Market

Here’s the LINK to our ONLINE STORE! Buy all your Holiday Gifts from our WeARE Brand of products made by WOMEN ARTISTS. Buy any of our other amazing ARTISTS work as gifts or for your own home as HOPE-FILLED inspiration gifts.


We have some amazing pottery by amazing potters both near and far. Cady Carnes’ pitter platter pottery is both beautiful and functional! McNeill’s pottery pieces are wonderful Christmas gifts and Reynold’s Pottery by Margaret Reynolds are highly detailed and one-of-a-kind pieces that are hard to find anywhere.



Currently we are recruiting and curating artists who do both acrylic painting, unique mixed media paintings and more. Patty McIntire is the artist who has provided the large canvas, hand-painted pieces that would look beautiful in your living room. Our art is not manufactured in a factory, it it carefully crafted by artists from their own homes and studios. Share your art from the heart and offer hope through these painted designs.


We also carry a collection of incredibly fun, unique art pieces. From our “Resin on Wood” Artists to our “Wood Pen” Creators to our Gourdeous Artist, we’ve got some of the best “one-of-a-kind” gifts found anywhere. Support these artists by checking out their pieces and ordering online or picking up in person.

Let’s support HOPE by investing in

ART from the HEART!

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