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We are a family owned and operated collection of free-lancers, free-thinkers, free-creatives. Diwang Valdez Photography has been in existence for the past 15 years. From the disasters of the COVID-19 Crisis, Amy Valdez Barker took this opportunity to join her brother in offering her skills, knowledge and experience in a variety of ways. They have a love for ART and everything that art does for people in communities around the world. With that love, Amy opened up CITIZEN EXCHANGE, a market for local art, goods and more. Our hope is to inspire others with the art that comes from the heart of so many creative and talented people.

Amy also serves as a certified Facilitator of the True Colors International system. She is able to work with groups that are looking for diversity and inclusion specialists who can help teams come together. As a PhD holder in education research she incorporates the cross roads of psychology, sociology and religion, into her unique facilitation and coaching style. Dr. Valdez Barker is ready to enter this entrepreneurial pathway and help people individually and through their organizations be the best they can which leads to bringing more good into our interconnected world.

“Amy is intellectually curious, highly adept and sincere in forging collaborative relationships, receptive to and proactive in originating accurate data-driven analysis and novel yet pragmatic solutions.”

Neil Alexander, UMPH President

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1 Example Street
Anytown, CA 10100
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